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Research article
14 Oct 2016
Research article |  | 14 Oct 2016

Local and regional smoke impacts from prescribed fires

Owen F. Price, Bronwyn Horsey, and Ningbo Jiang

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The spatial domain of wildfire risk and response in the wildland urban interface in Sydney, Australia
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Fluid conduits and shallow-reservoir structure defined by geoelectrical tomography at the Nirano Salse (Italy)
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Short summary
We measured particulate levels at distances ranging from 50 m to 20 km from two prescribed fires and compared the values to those predicted from an atmospheric dispersion model. The model performed well during the day but not for areas close to the fire (under 1 km), which experienced high pollution peaks and did not predict night-time pollution in one of the fires over an area of 120 000 ha caused by a temperature inversion.
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