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Special issues


11th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms, 2010
Eds. M.-C. Llasat, A. Mugnai, G. Boni, R. Deidda, and Jordi Salat
12th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms, 2011
Eds. A. Bartzokas, K. Lagouvardos, and A. Mugnai
13th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms: disasters and climate change - know to adapt, 2012
Eds. M.-C. Llasat, A. Mugnai, S. Davolio, L. Garrote, S. Lorito, L. Bertotti, and G. Boni
14th Plinius Conference and MEDEX Final Conference, 2013
Eds. P. Alpert, G. Boni, A. Jansa, M.-C. Llasat, A. Mugnai, C. Ramis, E. Richard, and S. Tinti
2nd International Conference on Ecohydrology and Climate Change, 2012
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Advanced methods for flood estimation in a variable and changing environment, 2013
Eds. A. Loukas and T. Kjeldsen
Advances in Mediterranean meteorology, 2009
Eds. S. Michaelides, K. Savvidou, and F. Tymvios
Advances in computational modelling of natural hazards and geohazards, 2018
Eds. A. J. Kettner, G. E. Tucker, R. LeVeque, and N. Kerle
Advances in extreme value analysis and application to natural hazards, 2020
Eds. Ivan Haigh, Thomas Wahl, Yasser Hamdi, Sylvie Parey, and Jean-Philippe Malet
Advances in meteorological hazards and extreme events, 2014
Eds. P. Nastos, N. R. Dalezios, and U. Ulbrich
Advances in radar, multi-sensor and hydrological modelling methods for flash flood forecasting, 2006
Eds. L. Ferraris, P. P. Alberoni, and M. Bruen
Analysis and prediction of natural airborne aviation hazards, 2020
Eds. Lucia Mona, Marcus Hirtl, Matthias Themessl, Gerhard Wotawa, and Maria-Carmen Llasat
Applying ensemble climate change projections for assessing risks of impacts in Europe, 2010
Eds. T. Carter, G. Leckebusch, and J. E. Olesen
Approaches and methods to improve risk management in volcanic areas, 2013
Eds. G. Le Cozannet, M. Neri, P. Jousset, P. Thierry, and A. Costa
Approaches to hazard evaluation, mapping, and mitigation, 2010
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Assessing and mapping landslide hazards and risk, 2002
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Assessment of different dimensions of vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change, 2009
Eds. T. Glade and J. Birkmann


Building social capacities for natural hazards: an emerging field for research and practice in Europe, 2013
Eds. C. Kuhlicke, A. Steinführer, and O. Katz


Climate change, extreme events and hazards in the Mediterranean region, 2015
Eds. P. Lionello, V. Artale, D. Gomis, H. Saaroni, and U. Ulbrich
Coastal hazards and hydro-meteorological extremes, 2020
Eds. Joanna Staneva, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, Francisco Campuzano, and Piero Lionello
Costs of Natural Hazards, 2012
Eds. H. Kreibich, L. Bouwer, R. Schwarze, and F. Guzzetti


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Eds. M. Arattano, G. Lollino, and L. Marchi
Double Issue: Seismic hazard evaluation - Part I, 2001
Eds. M. E. Contadakis and P. F. Biagi
Drought vulnerability, risk, and impact assessments: bridging the science-policy gap, 2020
Eds. Michael Hagenlocher, Veit Blauhut, Gustavo Naumann, Stefan Siebert, Lucia De Stefano, Ana Iglesias, and Joaquim G. Pinto


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Earthquakes precursors and seismic hazard, 2008
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Economic aspects and societal decision making in hazards and risk management, 2008
Eds. S. Fuchs, M. Bründl, R. Bernknopf, and T. Glade
Effective Science Communication and Education in Hydrology and Natural Hazards (NHESS/HESS inter-journal SI), 2015
Eds. T. A. Bogaard, S. M. Illingworth, I. Stewart, and S. van Manen
Environmental changes and hazards in the Dead Sea region (NHESS/ACP/HESS/SE inter-journal SI), 2017
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Extreme Sea Waves, 2006
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Extreme and rogue waves, 2010
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Extreme seas and ship operations, 2013
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Flood resilient communities – managing the consequences of flooding, 2012
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Future risk and adaptation in coastal cities, 2020
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Geo-hydrological risk and town and country planning, 2010
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