Articles | Volume 21, issue 12
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3645–3661, 2021

Special issue: Coastal hazards and hydro-meteorological extremes

Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3645–3661, 2021

Review article 02 Dec 2021

Review article | 02 Dec 2021

Review article: Extreme marine events revealed by lagoonal sedimentary records in Ghar El Melh during the last 2500 years in the northeast of Tunisia

Balkis Samah Kohila et al.

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Reconstruction of past marine submersion events (storms and tsunamis) on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco
Otmane Khalfaoui, Laurent Dezileau, Jean-Philippe Degeai, and Maria Snoussi
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2019
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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Extreme flood event reconstruction spanning the last century in the El Bibane Lagoon (southeastern Tunisia): a multi-proxy approach
Aida Affouri, Laurent Dezileau, and Nejib Kallel
Clim. Past, 13, 711–727,,, 2017
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Tidal flood area mapping in the face of climate change scenarios: case study in a tropical estuary in the Brazilian semi-arid region
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Distribution of coastal high water level during extreme events around the UK and Irish coasts
Julia Rulent, Lucy M. Bricheno, J. A. Mattias Green, Ivan D. Haigh, and Huw Lewis
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3339–3351,,, 2021
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Short summary
The Tunisian coast has been historically affected by extreme marine submersion events resulting from storms or tsunamis. To establish adaptation and mitigation strategies, it is essential to study these events in terms of spatial and temporal variability. Using a geological archive (sediment cores and surface sediments) retrieved from this coastal area of Tunisia, we present a reconstruction of past marine submersion events over the last 2500 years.
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