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Review article
17 Sep 2018
Review article |  | 17 Sep 2018

Review article: Climate change impacts on dam safety

Javier Fluixá-Sanmartín, Luis Altarejos-García, Adrián Morales-Torres, and Ignacio Escuder-Bueno

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Quantification of climate change impact on dam failure risk under hydrological scenarios: a case study from a Spanish dam
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Searching for the optimal drought index and timescale combination to detect drought: a case study from the lower Jinsha River basin, China
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Climate change can affect the safety of water infrastructures such as dams. However, related information is vast and scattered, and the assessment of these impacts remains complex. This article seeks a multidisciplinary review of the potential impacts of climate change in every component of dam safety. This will provide useful information for dam owners and dam safety practitioners in their decision-making process.
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