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Research article
29 Mar 2016
Research article |  | 29 Mar 2016

Lightning and electrical activity during the Shiveluch volcano eruption on 16 November 2014

Boris M. Shevtsov, Pavel P. Firstov, Nina V. Cherneva, Robert H. Holzworth, and Renat R. Akbashev

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Features of the Earth surface deformations in the Kamchatka peninsula and their relation to geoacoustic emission
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Short summary
The Kamchatka volcano group is located near populated areas and international air routes. Due to this, explosive eruptions are a serious threat to their security. To decrease the risks, effective systems for remote detection of eruptions are necessary. WWLLN resolution is enough for the remote sensing of the volcano lightning activity in the early stage of ash cloud formation a few minutes after the eruption when electrification proceeds the most intensively.
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