Articles | Volume 20, issue 2
Research article
02 Mar 2020
Research article |  | 02 Mar 2020

Global-scale drought risk assessment for agricultural systems

Isabel Meza, Stefan Siebert, Petra Döll, Jürgen Kusche, Claudia Herbert, Ehsan Eyshi Rezaei, Hamideh Nouri, Helena Gerdener, Eklavyya Popat, Janna Frischen, Gustavo Naumann, Jürgen V. Vogt, Yvonne Walz, Zita Sebesvari, and Michael Hagenlocher

Data sets

Global drought risk for agricultural systems – Data and Metadata I. Meza, S. Siebert, P. Döll, J. Kusche, C. Herbert, E. E. Rezaei, H. Nouri, H. Gerdener, E. Popat, J. Frischen, G. Naumann, J. Vogt, and M. Hagenlocher global-scale-drought-risk-assessment-for-agricultural-systems/

Short summary
The paper presents, for the first time, a global-scale drought risk assessment for both irrigated and rainfed agricultural systems while considering drought hazard indicators, exposure and expert-weighted vulnerability indicators. We identify global patterns of drought risk and, by disaggregating risk into its underlying components and factors, provide entry points for risk reduction.
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