Articles | Volume 23, issue 7
Research article
05 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 05 Jul 2023

Bayesian hierarchical modelling of sea-level extremes in the Finnish coastal region

Olle Räty, Marko Laine, Ulpu Leijala, Jani Särkkä, and Milla M. Johansson

Data sets

Data files for the article "Bayesian hierarchical modeling of sea level extremes in the Finnish coastal region" Olle Räty and Milla M. Johansson

Model code and software

Supplementary Stan codes and R scripts Olle Räty and Marko Laine

Short summary
We studied annual maximum sea levels in the Finnish coastal region. Our aim was to better quantify the uncertainty in them compared to previous studies. Using four statistical models, we found out that hierarchical models, which shared information on sea-level extremes across Finnish tide gauges, had lower uncertainty in their results in comparison with tide-gauge-specific fits. These models also suggested that the shape of the distribution for extreme sea levels is similar on the Finnish coast.
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