Articles | Volume 23, issue 2
Research article
09 Feb 2023
Research article |  | 09 Feb 2023

Evolution of multivariate drought hazard, vulnerability and risk in India under climate change

Venkataswamy Sahana and Arpita Mondal

Data sets

tavg1_2d_mld_Nx: MERRA Simulated 2D Incremental Analysis Update (IAU) MERRA-Land reanalysis, GEOSldas-MERRALand, Time Average 1-hourly V5.2.0 GMAO (Global Modeling and Assimilation Office)

Development of a new high spatial resolution (0.25° × 0.25°) Long period (1901–2010) daily gridded rainfall data set over India and its comparison with existing data sets over the region D. S. Pai, Latha Sridhar, M. Rajeevan, O. P. Sreejith, N. S. Satbhai, and B. Mukhopadhyay

Short summary
In an agriculture-dependent, densely populated country such as India, drought risk projection is important to assess future water security. This study presents the first comprehensive drought risk assessment over India, integrating hazard and vulnerability information. Future drought risk is found to be more significantly driven by increased vulnerability resulting from societal developments rather than climate-induced changes in hazard. These findings can inform planning for drought resilience.
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