Articles | Volume 23, issue 4
Research article
02 May 2023
Research article |  | 02 May 2023

Freak wave events in 2005–2021: statistics and analysis of favourable wave and wind conditions

Ekaterina Didenkulova, Ira Didenkulova, and Igor Medvedev

Data sets

Database of freak waves in 2005-2021 Ekaterina Didenkulova, Irina Nikolkina, and Ira Didenkulova

Short summary
The paper is dedicated to freak wave accidents which happened in the world ocean in 2005–2021 and that were described in mass media sources. The database accounts for 429 events, all of which resulted in ship or coastal and offshore structure damage and/or human losses. In agreement with each freak wave event, we put background wave and wind conditions extracted from the climate reanalysis ERA5. We analyse their statistics and discuss the favourable conditions for freak wave occurrence.
Final-revised paper