Articles | Volume 22, issue 11
Research article
15 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 15 Nov 2022

Timing landslide and flash flood events from SAR satellite: a regionally applicable methodology illustrated in African cloud-covered tropical environments

Axel A. J. Deijns, Olivier Dewitte, Wim Thiery, Nicolas d'Oreye, Jean-Philippe Malet, and François Kervyn

Data sets

Deijns et al. NHESS - SAR Timing - GH Event Inventories Deijns et al.

Sentinel-1: Copernicus Sentinel data Copernicus

Model code and software

Deijns et al. NHESS - SAR Timing - Scripts A. A. J. Deijns

Short summary
Landslides and flash floods are rainfall-induced processes that often co-occur and interact, generally very quickly. In mountainous cloud-covered environments, determining when these processes occur remains challenging. We propose a regional methodology using open-access satellite radar images that allow for the timing of landslide and flash floods events, in the contrasting landscapes of tropical Africa, with an accuracy of up to a few days. The methodology shows potential for transferability.
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