Articles | Volume 22, issue 10
Research article
05 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 05 Oct 2022

Finite-hillslope analysis of landslides triggered by excess pore water pressure: the roles of atmospheric pressure and rainfall infiltration during typhoons

Lucas Pelascini, Philippe Steer, Maxime Mouyen, and Laurent Longuevergne

Model code and software

AtmoRainEffects L. Pelascini

Short summary
Landslides represent a major natural hazard and are often triggered by typhoons. We present a new 2D model computing the respective role of rainfall infiltration, atmospheric depression and groundwater in slope stability during typhoons. The results show rainfall is the strongest factor of destabilisation. However, if the slope is fully saturated, near the toe of the slope or during the wet season, rainfall infiltration is limited and atmospheric pressure change can become the dominant factor.
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