Articles | Volume 22, issue 9
Research article
26 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 26 Sep 2022

Rare flood scenarios for a rapidly growing high-mountain city: Pokhara, Nepal

Melanie Fischer, Jana Brettin, Sigrid Roessner, Ariane Walz, Monique Fort, and Oliver Korup

Data sets

Surface topography and roughness along the Seti Khola (Pokhara Valley, Nepal) measured in-field in 2016 and 2019 Melanie Fischer, Georg Veh, and Oliver Korup

AW3D Standard JAXA, NTT Data, and Remote Sensing Technology

OpenStreetMap OSMF

Short summary
Nepal’s second-largest city has been rapidly growing since the 1970s, although its valley has been affected by rare, catastrophic floods in recent and historic times. We analyse potential impacts of such floods on urban areas and infrastructure by modelling 10 physically plausible flood scenarios along Pokhara’s main river. We find that hydraulic effects would largely affect a number of squatter settlements, which have expanded rapidly towards the river by a factor of up to 20 since 2008.
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