Articles | Volume 19, issue 11
Research article
30 Oct 2019
Research article |  | 30 Oct 2019

Estimates of tropical cyclone geometry parameters based on best-track data

Kees Nederhoff, Alessio Giardino, Maarten van Ormondt, and Deepak Vatvani

Data sets

Tropical Cyclone Radial Profile Dataset: Wind radii and radial profiles of wind and rain for tropical cyclones globally, 1999-2009 Chavas and Vigh

Short summary
Tropical cyclone wind models are often used in engineering applications. However, these models lack the required accuracy when the size of the tropical cyclone is not known. In this paper, new relationships are derived to describe parameters affecting the size. These relationships are formulated using observed data and make it possible to estimate tropical cyclone size and to use this information in tropical cyclone wind models to obtain more reliable estimates of the tropical cyclone winds.
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