Articles | Volume 23, issue 1
Research article
01 Feb 2023
Research article |  | 01 Feb 2023

Characterizing the rate of spread of large wildfires in emerging fire environments of northwestern Europe using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite active fire data

Adrián Cardíl, Victor M. Tapia, Santiago Monedero, Tomás Quiñones, Kerryn Little, Cathelijne R. Stoof, Joaquín Ramirez, and Sergio de-Miguel

Data sets

Northwestern Europe Wildfire Perimeter Polygons [2012-2020] Victor Mario Tapia, Santiago Monedero, Kerryn Little, Sergio de Miguel, Cathelijne Stoof, Adrián Cardíl, and Tomás Quiñones

Short summary
This study aims to unravel large-fire behavior in northwest Europe, a temperate region with a projected increase in wildfire risk. We propose a new method to identify wildfire rate of spread from satellites because it is important to know periods of elevated fire risk for suppression methods and land management. Results indicate that there is a peak in the area burned and rate of spread in the months of March and April, and there are significant differences for forest-type land covers.
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