Articles | Volume 23, issue 5
Review article
12 May 2023
Review article |  | 12 May 2023

A web-based GIS (web-GIS) database of the scientific articles on earthquake-triggered landslides

Luca Schilirò, Mauro Rossi, Federica Polpetta, Federica Fiorucci, Carolina Fortunato, and Paola Reichenbach

Data sets

A web-GIS database of the scientific articles on earthquaketriggered landslides g3w

Model code and software

SOFTX_2018_227 ElsevierSoftwareX

G3W-Suite is Open Source g3wSuite

A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System QGIS

Short summary
We present a database of the main scientific articles published on earthquake-triggered landslides in the last 4 decades. To enhance data viewing, the articles were catalogued into a web-based GIS, which was specifically designed to show different types of information, such as bibliometric information, the relevant topic and sub-topic category (or categories), and earthquake(s) addressed. Such information can be useful to obtain a general overview of the topic, especially for a broad readership.
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