Articles | Volume 21, issue 11
Research article
12 Nov 2021
Research article |  | 12 Nov 2021

Multiple hazards and risk perceptions over time: the availability heuristic in Italy and Sweden under COVID-19

Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Elena Mondino, Maria Rusca, Emanuele Del Giudice, Johanna Mård, Elena Ridolfi, Anna Scolobig, and Elena Raffetti

Data sets

nationwide_survey E. Mondino

A comparative dataset on public perceptions of multiple risks during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy and Sweden (Version 2) E. Mondino, G. Di Baldassarre, J. Mård, E. Ridolfi, M. Rusca, E. Raffetti, E. Del Giudice, and A. Scolobig

Short summary
COVID-19 has affected humankind in an unprecedented way, and it has changed how people perceive multiple risks. In this paper, we compare public risk perceptions in Italy and Sweden in two different phases of the pandemic. We found that people are more worried about risks related to recently experienced events. This finding is in line with the availability heuristic: individuals assess the risk associated with a given hazard based on how easily it comes to their mind.
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