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05 Jul 2018
Research article |  | 05 Jul 2018

Intensity–duration–frequency (IDF) rainfall curves in Senegal

Youssouph Sane, Geremy Panthou, Ansoumana Bodian, Theo Vischel, Thierry Lebel, Honore Dacosta, Guillaume Quantin, Catherine Wilcox, Ousmane Ndiaye, Aida Diongue-Niang, and Mariane Diop Kane

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Detection of flooding by overflows of the drainage network: Application to the urban area of Dakar (Senegal)
Laurent Pascal Malang Diémé, Christophe Bouvier, Ansoumana Bodian, and Alpha Sidibé
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Preface: Hydrology of Large River Basins in Africa
Ernest Amoussou, Gil Mahe, Oula Amrouni, Ansoumana Bodian, Christophe Cudennec, Stephan Dietrich, Domiho Japhet Kodja, and Expédit Wilfrid Vissin
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ADHI: the African Database of Hydrometric Indices (1950–2018)
Yves Tramblay, Nathalie Rouché, Jean-Emmanuel Paturel, Gil Mahé, Jean-François Boyer, Ernest Amoussou, Ansoumana Bodian, Honoré Dacosta, Hamouda Dakhlaoui, Alain Dezetter, Denis Hughes, Lahoucine Hanich, Christophe Peugeot, Raphael Tshimanga, and Patrick Lachassagne
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 1547–1560,,, 2021
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Wet and dry spells in Senegal: comparison of detection based on satellite products, reanalysis, and in situ estimates
Cheikh Modou Noreyni Fall, Christophe Lavaysse, Mamadou Simina Drame, Geremy Panthou, and Amadou Thierno Gaye
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 1051–1069,,, 2021
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Hydropluviometric variability in non-Sahelian West Africa: case of the Koliba/Corubal River Basin (Guinea and Guinea-Bissau)
Saly Sambou, Honore Dacosta, Rene Ndimag Diouf, Ibrahima Diouf, and Alioune Kane
Proc. IAHS, 383, 171–183,,, 2020
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Evaluating pySTEPS optical flow algorithms for convection nowcasting over the Maritime Continent using satellite data
Joseph Smith, Cathryn Birch, John Marsham, Simon Peatman, Massimo Bollasina, and George Pankiewicz
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 567–582,,, 2024
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Climate change impacts on regional fire weather in heterogeneous landscapes of central Europe
Julia Miller, Andrea Böhnisch, Ralf Ludwig, and Manuela I. Brunner
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High-resolution projections of ambient heat for major European cities using different heat metrics
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Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 331–354,,, 2024
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Heat wave characteristics: evaluation of regional climate model performances for Germany
Dragan Petrovic, Benjamin Fersch, and Harald Kunstmann
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 265–289,,, 2024
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Rain-on-snow responses to warmer Pyrenees: a sensitivity analysis using a physically based snow hydrological model
Josep Bonsoms, Juan I. López-Moreno, Esteban Alonso-González, César Deschamps-Berger, and Marc Oliva
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 245–264,,, 2024
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Urbanization, resulting from a sharply increasing demographic pressure and the development of infrastructure, has made the population of many tropical areas more vulnerable to extreme rainfall hazards. Characterizing extreme rainfall distribution is thus becoming an overarching need in hydrological applications. Using 14 tipping-bucket rain-gauge series, this study provides IDF curves and uncertainties over Senegal. Climate change requires warning end-users that they should be used with care.
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