Articles | Volume 14, issue 5
Research article
23 May 2014
Research article |  | 23 May 2014

Real-scale investigation of the kinematic response of a rockfall protection embankment

S. Lambert, A. Heymann, P. Gotteland, and F. Nicot

Abstract. This paper addresses the response of rockfall protection embankments when exposed to a rock impact. For this purpose, real-scale impact experiments were conducted with impact energies ranging from 200 to 2200 kJ. The structure was composed of a 4 m high cellular wall leaned against a levee. The wall was a double-layer sandwich made from gabion cages filled with either stones or a sand–schredded-tyre mixture. For the first time, sensors were placed in different locations within the structure to measure real-time accelerations and displacements. The test conditions, measurement methods and results are presented in detail. The structure's response is discussed in a descriptive and phenomenological approach and compared with previous real-scale experiments on other types of embankments.

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