Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Research article
28 Mar 2012
Research article |  | 28 Mar 2012

Analyzing the temporal fluctuations of the reservoir-triggered seismicity observed at Açu (Brazil)

L. Telesca, A. F. do Nascimento, F. H. R. Bezerra, and J. M. Ferreira

Abstract. The time dynamics of the reservoir-induced seismicity observed in Açu area (Brazil) from November 1994 to April 1997 reveals a super-Poissonian behaviour in the direction of a clustering process, where the occurrence of an earthquake increases the likelihood of the occurrence of a subsequent one. The seismicity shows strong correlation for time scales larger than approximately 1 day up to about four months, being characterized by Poissonian behavior for timescales smaller than 1 day. Processes of formation of fractures in the anisotropic and heterogeneous rockmass, along with pore pressure diffusion driven processes, are hypothesized as physical mechanisms for the appearance of Poissonian and clusterized dynamics respectively.