Articles | Volume 10, issue 7
01 Jul 2010
 | 01 Jul 2010

Power law relationship between parameters of earthquakes and precursory electrical phenomena revisited II

E. Dologlou

Abstract. The credibility of the power law relation, reported by Dologlou (2009) between the stress drop of an earthquake and the lead time of the preceded Seismic Electric Signal, SES, has been checked through additional new data from 9 June 2008 to 7 April 2010. Three earthquakes with Mw≥5.5 have been found in Greece during this period. A critical exponent α (e.g. 0.328) has been obtained which compares very well with the one reported (α=0.332) by Dologlou (2009). The stability of this exponent might imply that critical dynamic processes, of mechanical (earthquakes) and also of electromagnetic (SES) sense dominate the pre focal area when the SES signal of the impending earthquake is emitted.