Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
27 May 2009
 | 27 May 2009

The risk concept and its application in natural hazard risk management in Switzerland

M. Bründl, H. E. Romang, N. Bischof, and C. M. Rheinberger

Abstract. Over the last ten years, a risk-based approach to manage natural hazards – termed the risk concept – has been introduced to the management of natural hazards in Switzerland. Large natural hazard events, new political initiatives and limited financial resources have led to the development and introduction of new planning instruments and software tools that should support natural hazard engineers and planners to effectively and efficiently deal with natural hazards. Our experience with these new instruments suggests an improved integration of the risk concept into the community of natural hazard engineers and planners. Important factors for the acceptance of these new instruments are the integration of end-users during the development process, the knowledge exchange between science, developers and end-users as well as training and education courses for users. Further improvements require the maintenance of this knowledge exchange and a mindful adaptation of the instruments to case-specific circumstances.