Articles | Volume 8, issue 4
15 Aug 2008
 | 15 Aug 2008

Multiscale entropy analysis of electroseismic time series

L. Guzmán-Vargas, A. Ramírez-Rojas, and F. Angulo-Brown

Abstract. In this work we use the multiscale entropy method to analyse the variability of geo-electric time series monitored in two sites located in Mexico. In our analysis we consider a period of time from January 1995 to December 1995. We systematically calculate the sample entropy of electroseismic time series. Important differences in the entropy profile for several time scales are observed in records from the same station. In particular, a complex behaviour is observed in the vicinity of a M=7.4 EQ occurred on 14 September 1995. Besides, we also compare the changes in the entropy of the original data with their corresponding shuffled version.