Articles | Volume 7, issue 6
12 Nov 2007
12 Nov 2007

Very Weak Signals (VWS) detected by stacking method according to different astronomical periodicities (HiCum)

M. van Ruymbeke, P. Zhu, N. Cadicheanu, and S. Naslin

Abstract. A stacking method to detect very weak signals is introduced in this paper. This method is to stack observed data in different well known periodicities according to the astronomical clock since majority geophysical observations are time based. We validated this method by applying it in four different cases. Interactions behind the observed parameters become obviously after it is stacked in two diurnal and semidiurnal tidal periodical waves. Amplitude and phase variations will be also measurable when a sliding windows stacking is used. This could be an important reference to find precursors before some earthquakes and volcanic events, corresponding to attenuations of medium patterns.