Articles | Volume 5, issue 5
09 Sep 2005
09 Sep 2005

DC electric field amplification in the mid-latitude ionosphere over seismically active faults

V. M. Sorokin, A. K. Yaschenko, V. M. Chmyrev, and M. Hayakawa

Abstract. DC electric field in the ionosphere above seismically active regions can be formed in a process of external current insertion into the atmosphere-ionosphere electric circuit. This current arises as a result of convective upward transport of charged aerosols and their gravitational sedimentation. Aerosols are injected into the atmosphere by soil gases intensified in the zones of active faults. In general case the horizontal distribution of injected aerosols in such zones is asymmetric. In this report we propose the method for computation of DC electric field generated in the ionosphere and the atmosphere by external electric current with arbitrary spatial distribution. Oblique magnetic field and the conjugate ionosphere effects are taken into consideration.