Articles | Volume 4, issue 3
28 May 2004
28 May 2004

Estimation of the seismic hazard parameters for various sites in Greece using a probabilistic approach

I. D. Banitsiotou, T. M. Tsapanos, V. N. Margaris, and P. M. Hatzidimitriou

Abstract. The probabilistic approach that was recently introduced by Kijko and Graham (1998,1999) was applied for the estimation of seismic hazard for various sites in Greece in terms of peak ground acceleration (PGA) and peak ground velocity (PGV). These sites represent geographically cities of Greece among which are the capital of Greece and some others with high, intermediate and low seismicity. The approach allows the use of earthquake catalogues with incomplete reported historical and complete instrumental data, the consideration of different magnitude thresholds, and the incorporation of magnitude uncertainties. One of the advantages of the method is that it does not require any determination of seismic zones. The estimated values of PGA for return periods of 476 years were grouped in 4 categories, the same ones used in the seismic hazard map for the New Seismic Code of Greece. Comparison results were quite interesting and very encouraging concerning the reliability of this probabilistic approach.