Articles | Volume 23, issue 11
Research article
07 Nov 2023
Research article |  | 07 Nov 2023

Assessing typhoon-induced compound flood drivers: a case study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Francisco Rodrigues do Amaral, Nicolas Gratiot, Thierry Pellarin, and Tran Anh Tu

Data sets

GPCC Full Data Daily Version 2020 at 1.0°: Daily Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain-Gauges built on GTS-based and Historic Data M. Ziese, A. Rauthe-Schöch, A. Becker, P. Finger, E. Rustemeier, E., and U. Schneider

ERA5-Land: a state-of-the-art global reanalysis dataset for land applications ( J. Muñoz-Sabater, E. Dutra, A. Agustí-Panareda, C. Albergel, G. Arduini, G. Balsamo, S. Boussetta, M. Choulga, S. Harrigan, H. Hersbach, B. Martens, D. G. Miralles, M. Piles, N. J. Rodríguez-Fernández, E. Zsoter, C. Buontempo, and J.-N. Thépaut

GPM IMERG Final Precipitation L3 1 day 0.1 degree x 0.1 degree V06 G. Huffman, E. Stocker, D. Bolvin, E. Nelkin, and J. Tan

Sea level measured by tide gauges from global oceans - the Joint Archive for Sea Level holdings (NCEI Accession 0019568) P. C. Caldwell, M. A. Merrifield, and P. R. Thompson

First comprehensive quantification of annual land use/cover from 1990 to 2020 across mainland Vietnam ( D. C. Phan, T. H. Trung, V. T. Truong, T. Sasagawa, T. P. T. Vu, D. T. Bui, M. Hayashi, T. Tadono, and K. N. Nasahara

Short summary
We propose an in-depth analysis of typhoon-induced compound flood drivers in the megacity of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. We use in situ and satellite measurements throughout the event to form a holistic overview of its impact. No evidence of storm surge was found, and peak precipitation presents a 16 h time lag to peak river discharge, which evacuates only 1.5 % of available water. The astronomical tide controls the river level even during the extreme event, and it is the main urban flood driver.
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