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22 Jul 2020
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 22 Jul 2020

Spatial database and website for reservoir-triggered seismicity in Brazil

Eveline Sayão, George Sand França, Maristela Holanda, and Alexandro Gonçalves

Data sets

Boletim Sísmico Seismological Observatory of the University of Brasília

Seismic Catalog Center of Seismology of the University of São Paulo

Short summary
One of the biggest challenges in studying reservoir-triggered seismicity (RTS) is to identify factors that can trigger seismicity. A spatial database and a web viewer were created, gathering the data pertinent to the RTS study. Results were obtained in processing these data; for example, the occurrence of RTS increases with the height of the dam, the minimum limiting volume value is 1 × 10−4 km3 for occurrence of RTS, and for geology no correlations were found, among other results.
Final-revised paper