Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
Research article
05 Jan 2018
Research article |  | 05 Jan 2018

Towards a monitoring system of temperature extremes in Europe

Christophe Lavaysse, Carmelo Cammalleri, Alessandro Dosio, Gerard van der Schrier, Andrea Toreti, and Jürgen Vogt

Data sets

Data on detection and intensities of the heat and cold waves in Europe European Drought Observatory

Short summary
Extreme-temperature anomalies such as heat and cold waves may have strong impacts on human activities and health. Providing a robust operational system to monitor extreme-temperature anomalies in Europe, developed and validated in this study, is thus of prime importance. This work exposes the methodology and the climatology of these events. It also discusses the associated uncertainties according to the datasets and the methods used.
Final-revised paper