Articles | Volume 18, issue 6
Research article
04 Jun 2018
Research article |  | 04 Jun 2018

Estimating grassland curing with remotely sensed data

Wasin Chaivaranont, Jason P. Evans, Yi Y. Liu, and Jason J. Sharples

Data sets

MODIS Land data sets for the Australian region M. J. Paget and E. A. King:

Grassland Curing - MODIS, Bushfire CRC algorithms, Australia and states coverage I. Grant

Australian Water Availability Project M. R. Raupach, P. R. Briggs, V. Haverd, E. A., King, and M. J. Paget

A simple method for field-based grassland curing assessment S. A. J. Anderson, W. R. Anderson, J. J. Hollis, and E. J. Botha

The ERA-Interim archive Version 2.0 P. Berrisford, D. P. Dee, P. Poli, R. Brugge, M. Fielding, M. Fuentes, P. W. Kållberg, S. Kobayashi, S. Uppala, and A. Simmons

Short summary
This study explore the feasibility of using a combination of recent and traditional satellite products to estimate the grassland fire fuel availability across space and time over Australia. We found a significant relationship between both recent and traditional satellite products and observed grassland fuel availability and develop an estimation model. We hope our estimation model will provide a more balanced alternative to the currently available grass fuel availability estimation models.
Final-revised paper