Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
02 Jan 2014
Comment/reply |  | 02 Jan 2014

Comment on "Comparative study on earthquake and ground based transmitter induced radiation belt electron precipitation at middle latitude", by Sideropoulos et al. (2011)

J.-A. Sauvaud, M. Parrot, and E. Slominska

Abstract. We show that many, if not all, electron bursts with energy dispersion claimed to be earthquake precursors by Sideropoulos et al. (2011) are due to the cyclotron resonance of electrons with monochromatic waves from VLF transmitters. The geographic distribution of the VLF-related electron bursts is established during a period in 2007, when the powerful NWC transmitter is off and 20 more transmitters are operating.

Final-revised paper