Articles | Volume 11, issue 9
Research article
27 Sep 2011
Research article |  | 27 Sep 2011

Patterns of grain-size temporal variation of sediment transported by overland flow associated with moving storms: interpreting soil flume experiments

J. L. M. P. de Lima, P. A. Dinis, C. S. Souza, M. I. P. de Lima, P. P. Cunha, J. M. Azevedo, V. P. Singh, and J. M. Abreu

Abstract. This study describes and interprets the evolution of grain-size distribution of sediment yields generated in an experimental soil flume subjected to downstream and upstream moving rain storms. Results of laboratory experiments show that downstream moving storms cause more soil loss than do upstream moving storms. The pattern of sediment grain-size evolution in time during a runoff event exhibits a clear dependence on the direction of storm movement. A strong relationship between overland flow discharge and mean sediment size is found. Nevertheless, the mean grain-size of sediments transported during the rising limb of the hydrograph is coarser than during the recession limb of the hydrograph. This is more marked for downstream moving storms.