Articles | Volume 11, issue 8
Brief communication
12 Aug 2011
Brief communication |  | 12 Aug 2011

Brief communication "On the recent reaffirmation of ULF magnetic earthquakes precursors"

F. Masci

Abstract. Hayakawa et al. (2009) and Hayakawa (2011) have recently reviewed some "anomalous" ULF signatures in the geomagnetic field which previous publications have claimed to be earthquake precursors. The motivation of this review is "to offer a further support to the definite presence of those anomalies". Here, these ULF precursors are reviewed once again. This brief communication shows that the reviewed anomalies do not "increase the credibility on the presence of electromagnetic phenomena associated with an earthquake" since these anomalous signals are actually caused by normal geomagnetic activity. Furthermore, some of these ULF precursors have just been rebutted by previous publications.