Articles | Volume 10, issue 7
29 Jul 2010
 | 29 Jul 2010

Connection of large earthquakes occurring moment with the movement of the Sun and the Moon and with the Earth crust tectonic stress character

M. K. Kachakhidze, R. Kiladze, N. Kachakhidze, V. Kukhianidze, and G. Ramishvili

Abstract. It is acceptable that earthquakes certain exogenous (cosmic) triggering factors may exist in every seismoactive (s/a) region and in Caucasus among them. They have to correct earthquake occurring moment or play the triggering role in case when the region is at the limit of the critical value of the geological medium of course.

Our aim is to reveal some exogenous factors possible to initiate earthquakes, on example of Caucasus s/a region, taking into account that the region is very complex by the point of view of the tectonic stress distribution.

The compression stress directed from North to South (and vice versa) and the spread stress directed from East to West (and vice versa) are the main stresses acted in Caucasus region. No doubt that action of the smallest external stress may "work" as earthquakes triggering factor.

In the presented work the Moon and the Sun perturbations are revealed as initiative agents of earthquakes when the directions of corresponding exogenous forces coincide with the directions of the compression stress or the spreading tectonic stress in the region.