Articles | Volume 10, issue 7
09 Jul 2010
 | 09 Jul 2010

Interdisciplinary analysis of soil acidification hazard and its legacy effects in Lithuania

M. Eidukeviciene, J. Volungevicius, S. Marcinkonis, L. Tripolskaja, D. Karcauskiene, M. A. Fullen, and C. A. Booth

Abstract. An analysis of factors influencing effective soil acidification management is reported. This analysis was conducted simultaneously at both national and local levels. These investigations were accomplished in three stages: (i) validation of acid soil spatial patterns using systems analysis and geoinformation methods; (ii) spatial statistical analysis of soil pH diversity using a statistical grid method; and (iii) development of the concept of soil acidity management. Results indicate the national spatial distribution of topsoil reaction is a natural and stable phenomenon related to Quaternary sub-surface deposits. However, secondary effects of topsoil liming are evident in both spatial and temporal soil reaction patterns.