Articles | Volume 1, issue 4
Special issue:
31 Dec 2001
31 Dec 2001

Nonlinear mechanism of tsunami wave generation by atmospheric disturbances

E. Pelinovsky, T. Talipova, A. Kurkin, and C. Kharif

Abstract. The problem of tsunami wave generation by variable meteo-conditions is discussed. The simplified linear and nonlinear shallow water models are derived, and their analytical solutions for a basin of constant depth are discussed. The shallow-water model describes well the properties of the generated tsunami waves for all regimes, except the resonance case. The nonlinear-dispersive model based on the forced Korteweg-de Vries equation is developed to describe the resonant mechanism of the tsunami wave generation by the atmospheric disturbances moving with near-critical speed (long wave speed). Some analytical solutions of the nonlinear dispersive model are obtained. They illustrate the different regimes of soliton generation and the focusing of frequency modulated wave packets.

Special issue