Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
19 May 2009
 | 19 May 2009

Geomorphological hazard analysis along the Egyptian Red Sea coast between Safaga and Quseir

A. M. Youssef, B. Pradhan, A. F. D. Gaber, and M. F. Buchroithner

Abstract. Geomophological hazard assessment is an important component of natural hazard risk assessment. This paper presents GIS-based geomorphological hazard mapping in the Red Sea area between Safaga and Quseir, Egypt. This includes the integration of published geological, geomorphological, and other data into GIS, and generation of new map products, combining governmental concerns and legal restrictions. Detailed geomorphological hazard maps for flooding zones and earth movement potential, especially along the roads and railways, have been prepared. Further the paper illustrates the application of vulnerability maps dealing with the effect of hazard on urban areas, tourist villages, industrial facilities, quarries, and road networks. These maps can help to initiate appropriate measures to mitigate the probable hazards in the area.