Articles | Volume 9, issue 6
08 Dec 2009
 | 08 Dec 2009

Time-clustering behavior in the sequence of the aftershocks of the Al-Hoceima (Morocco) 24 February 2004 earthquake

L. Telesca, M. Rouai, and T. E. Cherkaoui

Abstract. The time dynamics of the aftershock sequence of the Al-Hoceima (Morocco) earthquake of 24 February 2004 has been investigated. The sequence of the occurrence times of the events with threshold magnitude Mth≥3.2 is characterized by a time-clustering behavior, identified using different fractal methods (Fano Factor, Allan Factor, Count-based Periodogram), well suited to reveal scaling features in point processes. The obtained results not only show the presence of memory phenomena and correlation structures in the Al-Hoceima aftershocks, but also furnish quantitatively the estimate of the magnitude of such correlation by means of the estimate of the scaling exponent α.