Articles | Volume 9, issue 6
07 Dec 2009
 | 07 Dec 2009

Stabilisation of river dykes with drainage elements

T. Riegger, A. Bieberstein, F. Hörtkorn, and H.-G. Kempfert

Abstract. In recent times, enormous damage has been caused by dyke failures during and after river flood disasters throughout the world. Besides extreme meteorological conditions the reasons for these failures are inadequate design and the actual condition of affected dyke structures.

To minimize the occurrence of dyke failures in future, in a national BMBF research project (BMBF: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) an alternative stabilisation technique has been investigated as an instrument for short term refurbishment and as an improvement to existing and endangered dyke structures.

It is intended to improve the stability of dyke structures by the mechanical installation of drainage devices, thus preventing dyke failure by controlling the seepage in the structure.

Within the scope of this paper selected results concerning stabilizing capability and feasibility of the stabilisation technique are presented in detail. Concerning feasibility the focus is placed on natural scale model tests to verify numerical calculations and to investigate the suitability of the adapted installation methods in situ.