Articles | Volume 8, issue 4
05 Aug 2008
 | 05 Aug 2008

Disturbances in VHF/UHF telemetry links as a possible effect of the 2003 Hokkaido Tokachi-oki earthquake

H. Nagamoto, T. Fukushima, Y. Ida, Y. Matsudo, and M. Hayakawa

Abstract. The data on radio telemetry links (for water information) at VHF/UHF in Hokkaido are used to investigate the rate of disturbances on radio links (or connection failure) and its association with a huge earthquake, Tokachi-oki earthquake on 26 September 2003. Especially, the telemetry links at the Tokachi region closest to the earthquake epicenter, showed a significant increase in disturbances on radio links two weeks to a few days before the earthquake on the basis of analysis during a long interval from 1 June 2002 to 3 November 2007 (over 5 years). We suggest that these severe disturbances in VHF/UHF telemetry links are attributed to the generation of seismogenic VHF/UHF radio noises (emissions). Based on this idea, we have estimated that the intensity of these seismogenic emissions is on the order of 10–19 dB μV/m. Finally, the present result was compared with other physical parameters already obtained for this earthquake.