Articles | Volume 8, issue 6
24 Nov 2008
 | 24 Nov 2008

About possibility to locate an EQ epicenter using parameters of ELF/ULF preseismic emission

A. Y. Schekotov, O. A. Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, E. N. Fedorov, V. N. Chebrov, V. I. Sinitsin, E. E. Gordeev, S. E. Andreevsky, G. G. Belyaev, N. V. Yagova, V. A. Gladishev, and L. N. Baransky

Abstract. A relation between parameters of preseismic ULF/ELF emissions and EQ is studied. The magnetic data measured at Karymshino station (Kamchatka, Russia) along with data on local seismic activity during eight years of observations (2001–2008) are taken for the analysis. Source azimuth is detected in different techniques, based on the analysis of the total field and its polarized pulsed component. The latter technique shows a better accuracy in the source azimuth detection. The errors of the method are associated with existence of non-seismic sources and with use of one-point observation. The second error can be eliminated by development of multi-point observations.