Articles | Volume 8, issue 5
28 Oct 2008
 | 28 Oct 2008

On the generation of electric field and infrared radiation in aerosol clouds due to radon emanation in the atmosphere before earthquakes

V. A. Liperovsky, C.-V. Meister, E. V. Liperovskaya, and V. V. Bogdanov

Abstract. The non-stationary Frenkel model of the generator of spikes of the local electric field with time scales of 1–100 min in the atmosphere near seismic fracture regions some days before strong earthqukes is analysed. The model suggests an aerosol cloud, an increased ionisation velocity (e.g. by radon emanation), and an upward flow of air. It was found that during times of earthquake activity (that means a few days before an earthquake), for realistic increases of the ionization intensity of the atmosphere, mosaic-likely occurring and disappearing pulses of local electric fields with intensities of the order of 103−3×103 Vm−1 should be observable. These electric fields would also cause spikes of non-equilibrium IR emissions (0.7–20 μm) and local spikes of the magnetic field. The authors propose to perform special complex Earth-based observations of the night-time emissions of the atmosphere in the IR region and of the magnetic as well as quasi-stationary electric fields at some points near to fracture regions in seismo-active belts.