Articles | Volume 8, issue 5
16 Oct 2008
 | 16 Oct 2008

Study of self potential anomalous fluctuations in a seismic active zone of Lucano Apennine (southern Italy): recent results

G. Colangelo, V. Lapenna, and L. Telesca

Abstract. Geoelectrical fluctuations measured in seismic areas have been attributed to stress and strain changes, associated with earthquakes. The complex nature of this problem has suggested the development of monitoring stations in order to perform geophysical monitoring for a long time period and with a high sample rate. In this paper, anomalous geoelectrical fluctuations of SP signals recorded in the S. Loja basin, Lucano Apennine chain by Tito and Picerno stations, and linked with seismic activity, are analyzed and discussed.