Articles | Volume 8, issue 5
12 Sep 2008
 | 12 Sep 2008

Statistical features of seismoelectric signals prior to M7.4 Guerrero-Oaxaca earthquake (México)

A. Ramírez-Rojas, E. L. Flores-Márquez, L. Guzmán-Vargas, G. Gálvez-Coyt, L. Telesca, and F. Angulo-Brown

Abstract. In this paper a statistical analysis of seismoelectric ULF signals prior to the M7.4 Guerrero-Oaxaca earthquake (EQ) occurred at the Mexican Pacific coast on 14 September 1995, has been performed. The signals were simultaneously recorded at three monitoring stations from the last months of 1994 until July of 1996. The nonlinear time series methods of Higuchi fractal dimension (HFD) and detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) have been used. In the three data sets we found some complex dynamical behaviors that seemingly reflect a relaxation-EQ preparation-main shock-relaxation process. In particular, clear spike-like anomalies in both DFA- and HFD-exponents some months before the main shock are revealed.