Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
24 Jan 2007
24 Jan 2007

Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico: ULF geomagnetic anomalies observed at Tlamacas station during March–July, 2005

A. Kotsarenko, V. Grimalsky, R. Pérez Enríquez, C. Valdez-González, S. Koshevaya, J. A. López Cruz-Abeyro, and V. Yutsis

Abstract. In this paper the first results of ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) geomagnetic anomalies observed at Tlamacas station (Long. 261.37, Lat. 19.07) located at 4 km near the volcano Popocatepetl (active volcano, Long. 261.37, Lat. 19.02) for the period March–July, 2005 and their analysis are presented. The geomagnetic data were collected with a 3-axial fluxgate magnetometer designed at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles, 1 Hz sampling rate frequency, GPS). Our analysis reveals some anomalies which are suspected to be generated by local volcanic origin: the EM background in the vicinity of the volcano is significantly noisier than in other reference stations; the sporadic strong noise-like geomagnetic activity observed in the H-component; locally generated geomagnetic pulsations (without preferred polarization) are detected only at Tlamacas station.