Articles | Volume 6, issue 6
30 Oct 2006
30 Oct 2006

Hybrid Adaptive Filter development for the minimisation of transient fluctuations superimposed on electrotelluric field recordings mainly by magnetic storms

A. Konstantaras, M. R. Varley, F. Vallianatos, J. P. Makris, G. Collins, and P. Holifield

Abstract. The method of Hybrid Adaptive Filtering (HAF) aims to recover the recorded electric field signals from anomalies of magnetotelluric origin induced mainly by magnetic storms. An adaptive filter incorporating neuro-fuzzy technology has been developed to remove any significant distortions from the equivalent magnetic field signal, as retrieved from the original electric field signal by reversing the magnetotelluric method. Testing with further unseen data verifies the reliability of the model and demonstrates the effectiveness of the HAF method.