Articles | Volume 5, issue 5
Special issue:
21 Sep 2005
21 Sep 2005

An operational flash-flood forecasting chain applied to the test cases of the EU project HYDROPTIMET

A. C. Taramasso, S. Gabellani, and A. Parodi

Abstract. The application of a flash-flood prediction chain, developed by CIMA, to some testcases for the Tanaro river basin in the framework of the EU project HYDROPTIMET is presented here. The components of the CIMA chain are: forecast rainfall depths, a stochastic downscaling procedure and a hydrological model.

Different meteorological Limited Area Models (LAMs) provide the rainfall input to the hydrological component. The flash-flood prediction chain is run both in a deterministic and in a probabilistic configuration. The sensitivity of forecasting chain performances to different LAMs providing rainfall forecasts is discussed. The results of the application show how the probabilistic forecasting system can give, especially in the case of convective events, a valuable contribution in addressing the uncertainty at different spatio-temporal scales involved in the flash flood forecasting problem in small and medium basins with complex orography.

Special issue