Articles | Volume 5, issue 5
09 Sep 2005
09 Sep 2005

Multifractal variability in geoelectrical signals and correlations with seismicity: a study case in southern Italy

L. Telesca, G. Colangelo, and V. Lapenna

Abstract. Multifractal fluctuations in the time dynamics of geoelectrical data, recorded in a seismic area of southern Italy, have been revealed using the Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (MF-DFA), which allows to detect multifractality in nonstationary signals. Our findings show that the geoelectrical time series, recorded in the seismic area of southern Apennine Chain (Italy), is multifractal. The time evolution of the multifractality suggests that the multifractal degree increases prior the occurrence of earthquakes. This study aims to propose another approach to investigate the complex dynamics of earthquake-related geoelectrical signals.