Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
01 Mar 2004
01 Mar 2004

Tectonic sources of caucasus strong earthquakes

M. Kachakhidze, N. Kachakhidze, R. Kiladze, V. Kukhianidze, and G. Ramishvili

Abstract. The method called "phase cone" is developed in order to define the location, time of arising and velocity of the earthquakes initiating the low-speed interference stress waves. From the data of the strong earthquakes with M≥6.0 in Caucasus region during 1900-1992, the immigrators or tectonic sources of low-speed waves were revealed, interference nodes of which had initiated 19 earthquakes out of total 33.

The time of arising of low-speed stress waves or periods of awaking of tectonic sources is defined.

The velocities of constant initiative waves for all events were calculated. Its average value is equal to 2.97km per year.