Articles | Volume 2, issue 3/4
31 Dec 2002
31 Dec 2002

The EU CADZIE database for extreme and deflected snow avalanches

U. Domaas, C. B. Harbitz, and H. Bakkehøi

Abstract. The EU programme CADZIE (Catastrophic Avalanches: Defence Structures and Zoning in Europe), was established after the catastrophic 1999 avalanche winter in Europe. The overall objective of the programme is improved snow avalanche risk management by: (1) improved avalanche hazard zoning by computational models; and (2) improved understanding of the interaction between defence structures and avalanches. 

One contribution to meet the objectives is a database of well-documented extreme or deflected avalanche events in the six countries of the partners of the programme. The database contains observational, topographical and meteorological snow avalanche data with reliability, as well as references, copyrights, etc., all in a convenient framework based on common formats. 

The structure, contents, and potential use of the database are described. Example calculations of extreme and deflected events made by the NGI user interface "SKRED", for practical use of avalanche computational models, present applications of the database. Finally, further development of the database and of the computational models to meet the future needs in avalanche hazard zoning is proposed.