Articles | Volume 13, issue 8
Research article
08 Aug 2013
Research article |  | 08 Aug 2013

Overview: Documentation and monitoring of landslides and debris flows for mathematical modelling and design of mitigation measures – outcomes of the EGU 2011, NH session

L. Franzi, M. Arattano, M. Arai, and O. Katz

Abstract. The papers summarised in this paper represent the scientific contributions of several scientists, coming from different countries, who work in the fields of monitoring, modelling, mapping and design of mitigation measures against mass movements. The authors participated at the 2011 EGU General Assembly presenting the contributions summarised in this paper. At the General Assembly they had the opportunity to illustrate their recent advancements, discuss each other's needs and set forth future research requirements. The scientific contributions presented here can be considered the result of the debates and the exchanges regarding their original work presented at the General Assembly that occurred either personally during the open session or during the review phase of their manuscripts.